Ihre solide Vorbereitung und eine sehr gut entwickelte Schlagtechnik haben ihr ermöglicht, sich am Pult mit der notwendigen Souveränität zu beweisen. – Enrico Calesso, Generalmusikdirektor des Mainfranken Theaters Würzburg, ständiger Gastdirigent am Landestheater Linz

The first thing to mention is her musical and personal integrity. Many conductors at the present time promote themselves with much bravura and superficial talent. Magdalena does not follow this fashion. – Colin Metters, Hon RAM, Professor Emeritus in Conducting, Royal Academy of Music London

Magdalena just conducted a concert with Lutoslawski’s Concerto for orchestra and Beethoven’s 7th symphony and both the orchestra and the audience were really thrilled with her performance. Her emotional dedication and natural authority make every rehearsal a joy for the musicians and her attention for detail and her musicality guarantee satisfying performances. – Henrik Schaefer, Music Director Folkoperan Stockholm, Artistic Director Masters in Orchestra Performance at the University of Gothenburg, Former member of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra